Different Types of Homes in the UK

andy bowers   April 29, 2015   Comments Off on Different Types of Homes in the UK

There are many different types of houses in the UK, each serving different purposes, and each having different price points. The 4 main types of residential property which I’ve listed below. If you’re looking for houses for sale in Blackpool then keep reading and see what type of property are available.

1. Detached properties

Detached-homeThis house is a free standing residential home occupied by a single family or household. The lot of the property is usually bigger than the house, with the rest of the land being a yard or a garden. A garage is also present, and can either be attached to the main house or separate.

The detached home can be a bungalow – which is a one-storey building with no stairs, or can either be a multiple-storey home. Cottages are also considered as a detached type of home in the UK.

Cottages are mostly found in the rural or semi-rural areas, and typically have one and a half storeys, with the top storey being smaller than the ground floor. Cottages typically have thick walls, structural pillars, small windows, and thatched roofs.
Free standing homes offer the most privacy among all the types of homes in the UK, and are the most expensive. Visit our site for more info on properties.


2. Semi-Detached properties

semi-detachedThe semi-detached home consists of 2 homes that share a common wall on one side. The homes can either be attached side by side or back to back. About 32% of UK homes are semi-detached, making it the most common in all of the UK.

The homes share a party wall, and are usually built that they layout mirror the image of the other. In the US, this type of home is called a duplex.

Some semi-detached homes consist of their individual yards or gardens on the detached side of the homes.



3. Terraced properties

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe terraced home is also known as row housing in the UK. Terraced homes are characterized by a row or line of houses that have uniform fronts and are attached together side by side.
Called a townhouse in the US, row houses are structured identically, and just like the semi-detached home, mirror the layout of the homes on their sides.
The first and last homes are called an end terrace, and are usually larger in space compared to the rest of the houses located in the middle.


4. Flats or Apartments

apartments-flatFlats are known as apartment units in the US. These are self-contained housing units that are part of a building. In Scotland, a flat is called a tenement. The flats share one main front door, and most are offered to tenants for rent, or owned by an individual through a cooperative.
Generally, flats are the most affordable house type in the UK, but one disadvantage is that typically, tenants cannot acquire ownership of the flat.

There are different types of flats as well. The studio unit is a large single room that features the living room, bedroom, dining area, bathroom, and kitchen all in one space. Studios with shared bathrooms with other flats are also offered in some flat buildings, and are called bedsits.
Other flats feature one to 3 bedrooms, where some can be as large as having 5 bedrooms and occupying one entire floor of a building. Find your ideal home Fylde-homes.